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1989 marked the publication of my Western Australian Postcards series. Starting out with just one lens and one 35mm film camera I set out in uncharted waters to make a postcard series of the Margaret River region.

When I started publishing my postcards series I had no idea where or how far it would go. Postcards series dedicated to national parks did not exist in WA at that time. Some retailers were skeptical about selling postcards of landscapes. Identifiable subjects such as a memorial or a building were preferable. That beautiful coastline and the postcards I made were to some, just pretty images of nothing. Others asked me where these places were as they could not be places from WA.

Luckily for me I found plenty of south west retailers willing to give the postcards a go. Even more lucky for me is that they sold. This allowed me to eventually produce images covering regions along the south west and southern coastline of Western Australia. These included Esperance, Albany, Denmark, Walpole, Pemberton, Northcliffe, Augusta, Margaret River, Yallingup, Dunsborough, the Stirling and Porongurup Ranges.

So, I finally got around to completing my book about how I got started with publishing my Western Australian postcards. Stormlight Publishing 25 years of South West Postcards tells the story of starting out with one camera and one lens to 1.5 million postcards later.

I reflect on the processes behind creating this award-winning national park postcard series. It was a time prior to the convenience of digital imaging, smartphone technology, and the social phenomenon “selfies”. From this series I went on to create greeting cards, notecards, posters, calendars, and books of West Australian landscapes, all published under my imprint Stormlight Publishing.

Purchase your copy Stormlight Publishing 25 years of South West Postcards

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25 years of south west postcards

If you are interested in self-publishing landscape photography or just appreciate the unique beauty of the national parks in south west Western Australia then you will enjoy this collection of 70 postcard images. I have a limited number of copies on hand which I can post within Australia.

Stormlight Publishing-25 Years of South West Postcards
Stormlight Publishing-25 Years of South West Postcards
Stormlight Publishing-25 Years of South West Postcards - price includes postage within Australia

For orders outside Australia, save on postage and go directly to my Blurb page

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