Wave Rock Hyden Western Australia

framed 74.5cm x 61.5cm | image 40cm x 50cm | 1 of ed10 | $1500

A few days ago I visited  Wave Rock at Hyden. Hyden is a small country town about 350km inland, east of Perth. Hyden is famously known for its nearby tourist attraction Wave Rock. It is one of several granite outcrops in the region, also known as monadnocks. Wave Rock is a 15 metre high, 100-metre long granite wall with the shape of an enormous breaking wave.

These monadnocks are important to Indigenous Australians and there is a strong Nyoongar history present amongst them. During the last century, Europeans settled within the region to farm wheat. This is an area of low rainfall, about 300mm annually, possibly less now with the impact of a changing climate. Another 100 kilometres east and you begin to enter the desert country.

An obvious photographic subject would be Wave Rock with all its immensity and streaked rock face. However, this has been done before in tourist brochures. I was more interested in revealing other aspects of the rock.

This fractured layer of granite was an exfoliating layer from the larger body below. Its zigzag pattern with its strong compositional lines caught my attention.

The early morning sun had just risen over the rock summit, lighting its western flanks. Unfortunately, the composition required that I look straight into it. I needed to avoid sun flare on the lens. To do this I must avoid direct sunlight hitting the front lens element.

Using a combination of raising the lens board and pointing the camera downward minimised lens flare. I also used during the exposure the double dark from the film holder as a lens shade. These steps combined helped me avoid flare while preserving good contrast.

Print Availability

Wave Rock Hyden Western Australia is available for purchase online. Sheoak Forest Canning River Perth is a 40 x 50cm silver gelatin print, hand-printed by the author. It is dry-mounted onto 100% cotton museum board, then window-mounted behind a clear acrylic sheet. Framed in graphite tone aluminium it is ready to hang. Outer dimensions 74.5 x 61.5cm. Limited edition of 10, signed and numbered. Freight and insurance within Australia included.

Wista 4×5 field camera with 90mm lens Kodak Tri X Pan film. The negative was given about half a stop overexposure with N-1 reduced development.

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  1. Hi Alex,

    A really clever photo. Well done. As you said so many people travel out to Hyden and never see past Wave Rock itself.