Walking dog Canning River Perth Australia

Man walking dog Canning River Regional Park Australia

Walking dog Canning River Perth, hand printed 11×14 inch baryta based silver gelatin print

Walking dog Canning River Canning River Perth. There are several good pathways plus two pedestrian bridges within the Canning River Regional Park. In the early morning and evenings the pathways are popular with local residents exercising their pets. This image was made one particularly cool morning. There had been some overnight rain that cleared to a cold night. In the morning a light fog developed, enveloping the flooded gums and paperbarks in a soft light. I was near the pathway and had my camera set up looking towards the misty river when I noticed the man and dog walking below the tree lined path about to be bathed in bright misty light. HP5 4×5 sheet film, 4×5 wooden field camera, 300mm lens f45 1 second.  About hand made silver prints.