Tetenal E6 Velvia 4×5 Film Processing

This article describes my modifications to maximise Tetenal E6 chemistry usage and convenience for processing 4x5 sheet film with a Jobo tank and Processor.

I started using the Tetenal E6 processing in 2013 to develop my 4×5 Velvia sheet film when many pro labs stopped providing a commercial E6 service.

Tetenal E6 is a 3-bath process, shorter than a commercial E6 service, but an alternative to sending your chromes to the lab.

Cover page Tetenal E6 Velvia Booklet by Alex Bond
Free PDF Booklet Tetenal E6 and Velvia 4×5 Processing

To suit my photographic needs, I made some basic tests and some modifications to Tetenal’s recommended dilutions and times. I first published the post in 2013 and revised it as Tetenal made changes. I decided to put it in pdf form for easy reference.

It is free to download and consists of 12 pages, including 4 images processed with Tetenal E6 using my method described.

Bright green bush with tiny pink Boronia flowers, growing in sand between granite coastline with ocean in distance
Boronia, Cape Leeuwin, Velvia developed in Tetenal E6

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