Albany south coast Andersonia sprengelioides

Albany South Coast Western Australia 4×5 Field Camera

Albany south coast, Andersonia sprengelioides Albany south coast is one of my favourite locations. When the summer weather sets in, Perth can get hot.  The region offers a refreshing cool change with dramatic coastal scenery. Even in summer, small low pressure systems brush the coast near Albany. The change in weather not only means cooler... Continue reading "Albany South Coast Western Australia 4×5 Field Camera"

Camera protection backpacking

Protecting your camera backpacking Stirling Range Ridge Walk

Stirling Range Ridge Walk Protecting camera gear backpacking is essential if it is to remain usable when traversing rugged environments. As you can see from the image below of the Third Arrow, the Ridge Walk terrain is challenging with a heavy pack. You should have a modern backpack with shoulder and hip harness. My advice... Continue reading "Protecting your camera backpacking Stirling Range Ridge Walk"

Lefroy Brook Pemberton

Early morning photography Pemberton Western Australia

Early morning photography Early morning photography provides the photographer with many opportunities. One such opportunity is this image of Lefroy Brook near Pemberton. It was the pay off for leaving my warm sleeping bag early, hiking along a dark track through karri forest with only my head lamp, until I came to my river location. Scouting... Continue reading "Early morning photography Pemberton Western Australia"

Animal tracks Donnelly River

Tracks Donnelly River south coast Pemberton Australia

D'Entreacasteaux National Park Tracks Donnelly River south coast Pemberton Australia was made at sunset. When you head south from Manjimup on the South Western Highway you cross the  Donnelly River.  It's a short bridge barely wider than the highway.  Blink and you'd miss it. But downstream the Donnelly River is majestic. It passes quietly through... Continue reading "Tracks Donnelly River south coast Pemberton Australia"

Yalgorup National Park Australia

Thrombolites Lake Clifton Yalgorup Mandurah

The thrombolites Lake Clifton  in Yalgorup National Park are about 100km south of Perth. These rock like structures, a form of microbialite, occur in rocky clumps which look similar to the famous strombolites found within Shark Bay’s Hamelin Pool, some 800km north of Perth. Strombolites are examples of one of the earliest forms of bacterial life... Continue reading "Thrombolites Lake Clifton Yalgorup Mandurah"