Stormlight Margaret River Western Australia

Stormlight Margaret River, Kodachrome film, 1983. This photograph gave me the idea to name my publishing imprint Stormlight Publishing.

Stormlight Margaret River was made one winter’s day in 1983 at my grandparents’ farm. I remember the five or so days that we stayed it the farm there were severe cold fronts. The winds were squally and it bucketed rain.

The rain really hit at Australind, with the wind driving the rain horizontally towards the coast. By the time I had reached my grandparents’ farm in Margaret River it was raining non-stop.

Over the next few days, it poured rain. The howling westerly wind drove every rain front in bands across the landscape. The raindrops sounded like bullets on the old tin roof of the farmhouse.

One afternoon I stood in the sheltered doorway watching the rain. As each rain band approached the sky darkened to a deep grey. But between the marching rain bands, there were extremely brief breaks in the clouds. Low angled sunlight would strike the landscape for a few seconds, then disappear. It behaved like a spotlight and its display was startling.

Stormlight Margaret River was made on Kodachrome 64 ISO film. I was using my newly acquired (second hand) Pentax LX SLR. Attached was a Pentax 100mm lens, which I handheld, jamming the camera body against the door frame for stability.

I can’t be sure of the shutter but it was likely to be 1/15 sec or slower, aperture at its widest f2.8. This photograph gave me the idea to name my publishing imprint Stormlight Publishing.

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Since 1989, Alex Bond has published cards, calendars, books, and posters under his imprint Stormlight Publishing. His images showcase the West Australian environment. Bond's handcrafted, silver-gelatin, fibre-based prints are personally made by the author in his darkroom.

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