Redgate Beach Margaret River Region

Redgate Beach coastline Margaret River. Much of the coastline is characterised by outcrops of granite. A deep fissure creates a strong visual element in this composition.

Redgate Beach Margaret River has some fascinating coastline. It varies between sandy beach to outcrops of granite. This massive granite boulder drew my attention. I couldn’t help but notice this unusual fissure running partway along its length. The fissure ran the entire depth of the rock, some six feet or more. As the ocean swells rolled into this cliffy headland the ocean surged at the base of the fissure.

The threatening depth and angled geometry of the fissure made for interesting compositional elements. Along with some visual incongruity created by the proximity ocean above the fissure. The fissure stops just short of the ocean, providing a visual tension point.

In contrast to this geometrical drama is the gentle approach of rain clouds across the ocean. The light was soft, giving the film full saturation of the orange lichen with the rocks mixed softer grey hues of granite. I enjoy photographing Redgates coastline, especially when the weather is more dramatic, less postcard perfect. I think some of my best images of the area have all been on wet and windy days!

The film was 4×5 sheet Velvia, Wista wooden field camera and a wide 90mm lens. Redgate Beach Margaret River photograph is available as a  16×20 inch photograph and larger.

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