Redgate Beach Approaching Storm

I was walking at Redgate Beach along the Cape to Cape Walk with an approaching storm 16x20in photographic print $300 posted worldwide.
Redgate Beach Approaching Storm
Approaching storm Redgate Beach

Redgate Beach Cape to Cape Walk

Redgate Beach approaching storm. I was walking from Bob’s Hollow to Redgate Beach along the Cape to Cape Walk. The day had started out sunny but pleasant. Now it had suddenly turned stormy.

A blustery cold front was fast approaching the coast. Low scudding clouds moved rapidly across the sky. Dramatic displays of bright spots and dark  shadows moved across the coastline. A break in the clouds low on the horizon gave a late burst of sunlight illuminating the foreground rock. The surrounding tidal patterns made gentle swirls in the sand.


The light was rapidly changing and I needed to move fast. It’s times like these that familiarity with your photographic gear really helps. Luckily my camera is very simple to set up. Basically, it is just a wooden box with leather bellows. There is a lens at one end and a sheet of film at the other.

It was already spotting with rain and the wind had picked right up. I quickly opened my tripod and got my wooden field camera from out of my day pack. At my back were some low dunes. These just sheltered me from the full blast of the wind but also restricted my movement for composition. If I was exposed to the wind it would have been almost impossible to focus my camera with my head under the focusing cloth.

Sometimes to get a memorable image you have to take your camera out into dramatic and changing weather conditions. Salt spray, sand and rain can all take a toll on your gear.

Making the exposure at just the right moment was critical. I wanted the pyramidal spray of distant surf breaking against Isaacs Rocks to be central in the horizon. Redgate Beach Western Australia was made with a single exposure on my last remaining 4×5 sheet for the day.

Velvia 4×5 inch film Wista Field Camera and 90mm lens.

Redgate Beach approaching storm is printed on photographic paper. It comes as the photographic print only. It will be carefully packaged in a postal tube, insured and posted worldwide for $300.

16x20in Print Only – Posted Worldwide

16x20in Matted & Window Mounted – Signed -Perth Pickup Only

Redgate Beach approaching storm - Print Only
Redgate Beach approaching storm - Print Only
Approaching storm Redgate Beach Margaret River - 16x20 inch digital print on photographic paper - worldwide postage included
Redgate Beach approaching storm - Matted and Mounted Perth Pickup Only
Redgate Beach approaching storm - Matted and Mounted Perth Pickup Only
Approaching storm Redgate Beach Margaret River - Matted and Window Mounted - 16x20 inch (48cm x 38cm) digital print on photographic paper - window mounted - outer mount dimensions 58cm wide x 69cm high - Perth Pickup Only
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