Rapids Lefroy Brook Pemberton

One of my favourite locations Rapids Lefroy Brook Pemberton matted signed and window Mounted $120.00 7x20 inch.

Rapids Lefroy Brook Pemberton was photographed on a cool Autumn morning. This is one of my favourite locations near Pemberton. It is wonderfully peaceful atmosphere standing by the brook listening to the water with towering karri forest around you.

Usually, there is a trickle of water along Lefroy Brook even in the summer months. There had been some rain since then with many of the deeper rock pools were now trickling and cascading into one another.

The Lefroy Brook has its headwaters in Diamond Tree Gully, Manjimup and flows for nearly 30km through vineyards, dams, farmland and forested valleys into the Warren River.

The Bibbulmun Track follows a small section of the Lefroy Brook. The brook flows through the tall timbered Gloucester and Warren National Parks. Another popular spot along the Lefroy Brook is the Cascades in the Gloucester National Park.

I originally cropped a full 4×5 composition to demonstrate the quality and versatility of the film format. It can hold incredible detail and I have sold 36 of these images. This 37th will be the last. All new prints will have show the full format.

Velvia 4×5 inch film Wista Field Camera and 90mm lens.

Panoramic format Matted & Window Mounted – Signed -Perth Pickup Only

Rapids Lefroy Brook Pemberton
Rapids Lefroy Brook Pemberton south west Australia

Rapids Lefroy Brook Pemberton Matted Perth Pickup Only
Rapids Lefroy Brook Pemberton Matted Perth Pickup Only
Rapids Lefroy Brook Pemberton - Matted and Window Mounted - 7x20 inch digital print on photographic paper - window mounted - Perth Pickup Only
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