Rapids Margaret River Western Australia

framed 74.5cm x 61.5cm | image 40cm x 50cm | 1 of ed10 | $1500

Rapids Margaret River was made in the bushland adjoining my late grandparents’ farm.

The southern boundary of my late grandparents’ small farm property adjoined state forest. Here, marri and jarrah forest extend to the banks of the Margaret River. This bushland was originally logged by Europeans when they first moved to the area. Much later, my immigrant grandparents arrived in Margaret River in 1949 taking up the property in 1950.

Dispersed within this forest are exposed and lichen and moss encrusted rock outcrops. With a compass, I have walked several trackless kilometres in this bush. I have observed small watercourses which only run after heavy winter rain, trace their way through the bush to the river. There are remnant sign of tree cutting activity and small patches of cleared forest.

The river image is from an area along the banks of the Margaret River that I have visited frequently since childhood. During the drier months, the granite boulders, wet and dark with a coating of green algae, protrude above of the river bed.

At this spot along the river, there is an ancient marri tree which leans precariously over the water. In winter its branches are submerged in raging water, causing the whole tree to gyrate.

Rapids detail was photographed just before summer when the water was just flowing over the rocks. A huge air bell, trapped below the water, creates a dark silvery bubble.

Wista 4×5,  Tri X Professional,  90mm lens,  first printed on Agfa paper and selenium toned.

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Rapids Margaret River Western Australia is available for purchase online. Rapids Margaret River Western Australia is a 40 x 50cm silver gelatin print, hand-printed by the author. It is dry-mounted onto 100% cotton museum board, then window-mounted behind a clear acrylic sheet. Framed in graphite tone aluminium it is ready to hang. Outer dimensions 74.5 x 61.5cm. Limited edition of 10, signed and numbered. Freight and insurance within Australia included.

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