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Canning River Regional Park: 28 large format black and white photographs from the Dissociation Exhibition.

Dissociation is a hardcover reproduction of all 28 silver gelatin prints featured at the exhibition.

A generous layout of one image per doublepage spread allows the viewer to enjoy each image without visual clutter. Hardcover, 28 images over 64 pages with catalogue and exhibition essay.

If you wish to have a copy posted outside Australia then please go to my book store on Blurb.

Dissociation - Exhibition Prints - Hardcover - Postage within Australia included
Dissociation - Exhibition Prints - Hardcover - Postage within Australia included
Dissociation - Exhibition Prints - Hardcover - Postage within Australia included
dissociation book

If you didn’t get to see my exhibition Dissociation, or don’t own a print you may want to consider purchasing a copy of the book.

It is a hardcover publication with dust jacket. The book’s layout is generous. Each black and white image features on a single spread. With outer page dimensions of 30x30cm, there is considerable white border surrounding each image. Images sizes vary but are around 16 x20cm.

Therefore, the reader’s view is undistracted by clutter. Title and plate number are printed below each photograph.

dissociation book

At the rear of the book is my essay which was published as part of the exhibition catalogue. Following the essay is a short biographical paragraph and print notes.

The brief print notes explain the hand printing process of the silver gelatin prints. I felt this was important to include as many younger viewers are not as aware of this process.

You can purchase a copy of the book from me directly for AUD$100. Price includes postage within Australia.

Canning River Photos
Dissociation Exhibition Heathcote Gallery 2015
  • Dissociation Exhibition – Heathcote Museum & Gallery 2015
  • large format black and white photography
  • hand printed silver gelatin photographs
  • 28 images
  • index title/image size/negative number/dated printed/price
  • Canning River Regional Park
  • hardcover dust jacket 64pp
  • Stormlight Publishing published 2016

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