Lost in Suburbia Canning River Regional Park Australia


Lost in Suburbia is a collection of about 40 contemporary photographs of Canning River Regional Park.

Softcover (hardcover shown) 20 x 25cm, 41 images, 52 pages

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Canning River Lost in Suburbia is a collection of 41 contemporary photographs in a 52 page publication. The photographs were made around the Kent Street Weir within Perth’s Canning River Regional Park.

I used my old Yashica 124G twin lens film camera to make daily images of the parkland, usually when walking the dog. Nearly all the images were made with this robust, standard lens camera. Sometimes I went back to a location with my large format field camera.

The black and white medium allows me to concentrate on forms, textures, and shapes. I wanted to avoid the distraction of colour, with its potential for idealising or embellishing.

The area photographed spanned about 2 km of river. To this day I continue to make images of the parkland and river, as part of an ongoing project in recording its environment.

  1. 41 images
  2. Landscape photography around Canning River Regional Park
  3. softcover and hardcover 52pp
  4. Stormlight Publishing 2013 
  5. ISBN 9780987479105




Lost in Suburbia book

hardcover with dust jacket, softcover with flexible, high gloss laminated cover

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