Large Format Camera Movements Booklet


For less than a cup of coffee, a downloadable 29-page reference guide to Large Format Camera Movements, keep it on file or conveniently on your phone


Large-format camera movements allow you to make images that would not normally be possible with common “fixed cameras”.

Table of Contents:

  • Why use large-format camera movements?
  • What are large-format camera movements?
  • Which Large Format Cameras have Movements?
  • Front and Rear Camera Standards
  • Lens Rise and Fall
  • Lateral Lens Shifts
  • Lens Coverage and Image Circle
  • Working Close-Up Lateral Shift Rise and Fall
  • Can You Control Exposure using Camera Movements?
  • Front Tilts Camera Movements
  • Large Format Differences between Front and Rear Tilts
  • Rear Tilts on Large Format Cameras
  • Altering the Plane of Focus alters Depth of Field
  • Alter the Plane of Focus
  • Consider your Depth of Field
  • Front Swings
  • Rear Swings
  • Rear Swings in Landscapes
  • How to use Tilts and Swings
  • Vertical or Horizontal Planes
  • The Lens Looks
  • The Back Backs Away
  • Use Large-Format Camera Movements Sparingly
  • Rear Asymmetrical Tilt
  • Summary Large Format Camera Movements
  • Benefits of Large Format Camera Movements References and Extra Reading