Complete Film Darkroom Workshop – 20 April 2024


Complete Film Darkroom Workshop Full Day

A compact, kick starter workshop where you will photograph, develop your negatives and make your own silver gelatin print, all in one day.

  • 1-to-1 teaching and guidance means the workshop is specifically tailored to your pace and skills
  • 9.00 am to 4.00 pm
  • You may be required to perform a RATS test before attending, please refer to our T&Cs

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During Complete Film Darkroom Workshop, you will:

  • receive the benefit of decades of professional practice with individualised tuition
  • take a walk through the Canning River Regional Park and explore the river landscape, making photographs on film using one of our beautiful vintage cameras – or you are welcome to bring your own!
  • learn how to load your exposed film into a developing tank
  • process your film to a professional standard
  • create a contact print of your negatives
  • choose at least one of your negatives to print
  • learn the techniques of determining correct print exposure
  • learn how to select print contrast
  • make test strips
  • use burning and dodging controls
  • make a silver gelatin print



I offer a range of individually guided film-based photography and darkroom printing workshops to suit both beginner and advanced practitioners. You can view the current workshops on my Workshops page.