Canning River Regional Park Wetlands Perth Lost in Suburbia

Canning River Regional Park Lost in Suburbia is a black and white pictorial collection of one of Perth’s largest metropolitan regional reserves, the Canning River Regional Park.

An ongoing project documenting the park and river, its landscape, wetland restoration, river oxygenation, recreational and social use. The publication includes images of hand crafted silver gelatin photographic prints exhibited at Riverton Libray 2013 and Canning River Eco Education Centre 2014. A 2015 solo exhibition “Dissociation” at Heathcote Museum & Gallery, Applecross is a continuation of this exploration.

Lost in suburbia : Kent Street Weir and Greenfield Street Bridge Wetlands, Canning River Regional Park ISBN 9780987479105 (paperback)


Canning River Regional Park Wetlands “Lost in Suburbia”

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The Canning River Regional Park stretches 6 km along the Canning River from Nicholson Rd to Shelley Bridge, near Leach Highway. It is located 9 kilometres south east of central Perth, and is the largest regional park in the metropolitan area.  The Canning River is a major tributary to the Swan River and as such is a major influence on the health of the Swan River.

Recently, the Department of Water released a report into the health of the Canning River. It identified a number of issues including elevated levels of heavy metals and pesticides, and periods during the year when the river water was almost devoid of oxygen. Invasive fish species have also reduced the number and abundance of native fish. The report further warned these issues would worsen amid projections of a drying climate, and increasing stresses to the ecology, with the likely deterioration in quality of future recreational activities and the river’s aesthetic appeal.

The recreational activities conducted around the river and parkland and its aesthetic qualities we enjoy add immeasurable quality and meaning to our lives.  For those of us lucky to live close to the Canning River Regional Park, the area is a jewel nestled within a city setting. To that extent, the images in this book form part of a visual record of the river parkland’s recreational use and beauty. An ecologically and socially important parkland in a secluded little pocket off to one side of major urbanisation, a parkland hidden from general view, almost lost in suburbia.

Lost in suburbia : Kent Street Weir and Greenfield Street Bridge Wetlands, Canning River Regional Park   ISBN 9780987479105 (paperback)