Dissociation Exhibition Photographs Canning River Parkland


Canning River Regional Park: 28 large format black and white photographs from the Dissociation Exhibition.

A generous layout of one image per double-page spread allows the viewer to enjoy each image without visual clutter.

Hardcover, 28 images over 64 pages with catalogue and exhibition essay.

Includes postage within Australia, please contact me for overseas postage rates.

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Hardcover publication with dust jacket. The book’s layout is generous. Each black-and-white image is featured on a single spread. With outer page dimensions of 30x30cm, there is a generous white border surrounding each image, so the reader’s view is undistracted by clutter. The image title and plate number are printed below each photograph.

Dissociation – Hardcover – Postage within Australia included


dissociation book

  • Dissociation Exhibition – Heathcote Museum & Gallery 2015
  • large format black and white photography
  • hand-printed silver gelatin photographs
  • 28 images
  • index title/image size/negative number/dated printed/price
  • Canning River Regional Park
  • hardcover dust jacket 64pp
  • Stormlight Publishing published 2016

dissociation book