Black and White Film Developing Workshop – Half Day 16 March 2024


Black and White Film Developing Workshop

  • $245 includes film, chemistry, and materials,
  • Maximum 2 People.
  • Duration 3 hours
  • 9 am to 12 pm, Ferndale, Perth.
  • You may be required to perform a RATS test before attending, please refer to our T&Cs

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Professional black-and-white film developing at home

Do you want to learn black-and-white film development but are not sure where to start?

Perhaps you are just starting out with Holga photography. Maybe you are brushing the dust off your parent’s old film camera and want to give it a try.

I can show you how to achieve a professionally processed film with a minimum of gear. You don’t even need a darkroom. Save yourself a heap of money and time on car trips to the film lab by processing your film at home!

During this 3-hour workshop you will:

  • receive the benefit of decades of professional practice within a small group setting
  • learn how to load your exposed film into a daylight film-developing tank
  • take a walk through the Canning River Regional Park to explore the river landscape, making photographs on film using one of our beautiful vintage cameras – or you are welcome to bring your own!
  • process your black and white film to a professional standard
  • dry, cut, and sleeve and your negatives into archival protective sleeves ready for your scanner

At the end of this workshop you will be able to:

  • develop your own films
  • select appropriate film-developing equipment to suit your needs
  • know where to easily find additional help and tips
  • take home your developed negatives to scan or print in a darkroom at a later date