Prevelly Park Margaret River Western Australia

River-mouth Margaret River

Framed in wood – soft brushed silver – ready to hang

Image 15 x 30 inches

Signed on matt

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River-mouth Margaret River 15x30 inch Matted Print
River-mouth Margaret River 15x30 inch Matted Print
MR-01 River-mouth Margaret River - 15x30 inch Matted Print digital print on photographic paper - pick up Perth

A 3 hour pre-dawn trip from Perth

Sunrise at the river-mouth Margaret River, Prevelly Park. I had made the 3 hour trip to Margaret River from Perth in the early hours before dawn to specifically catch the sunrise at Prevelly Park.

What made this trip so unusual was that I had specifically traveled south for the possibility of this one image. I have been visiting Margaret River all my life. I had never seen the river-mouth snake quite to this extent. On this occassion I was making a return trip at short notice. The previous week I had seen the river-mouth but, due to conditions, was not being able to photograph it.

Another key factor in my favour was the absence of the bright yellow 44-gallon drum rubbish bins. During the warmer months, these frequently dot the beach. But their bright yellow would have created a visual distraction. I guess some photographers would photoshop out the bins. But I take pleasure in knowing that I have the image on film, minus bins.

This image was made around October after the winter rain has made the river flow again. During the year, the sandbar disintegrates and reforms again. It is caught between two opposing forces. The river on one side and the surf on the other. The river-mouth is known for its dangerous rips although ‘The Box’ remains popular with surfers.

It was a beautiful morning, but for some reason, no one was out enjoying it. I was lucky enough to have the place all to myself. With some 120 Velvia film loaded in my 6×12 roll film back, I made several long exposures. Confident with my results I packed up my camera into my backpack and walked back to my car. As I drove out of the car park the first cars of early morning swimmers had just arrived.

Wista 4×5 camera, Horseman 6×12 roll film back, Velvia 120 film.

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  1. I love your newsletter Alex and I think this may be my favourite.
    (i would like to see a B&W version) I also love the laundery shed, it has a beautiful tone.