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Have you been curious about the advantages of using a large-format camera in your photography? I run film-based photography and darkroom printing workshops here in Perth metro.

Black and white film processing and traditional printmaking are my regular photography tools. I offer weekend photography workshops and introductory to advanced darkroom workshops here in the Perth metro area.

Select dates either for a two-day photography workshop or a full day’s darkroom tuition. I will get back to you and confirm your booking with payment details. Contact me if you have any further questions about the workshops. Workshop fees are listed below and include film, processing and printing for the day.

So feel free to contact me about your needs. We can have a talk and work out what your requirements are. This way I can specifically tailor tuition to your level.

Have you been curious about the advantages of using a large-format camera in your photography? Ever wondered what’s involved, or if you are just thinking about large format photography? Then maybe you should consider taking one of my photography workshops.

Whether you are working on an arts project and need to gain some technical skills or just dusting off your film cameras and wondering where to start, then tuition can be tailor-made to suit your specific requirements.

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1 Day Darkroom Printing Workshop $300 – includes chemistry and paper

Choose between Introductory Printing and Advanced Printing Techniques

Introductory: learn the basics of how to make traditional prints from negatives, correct exposure, dodging and burning.

Advanced: choose a printing technique to learn such as split grade printing, print flashing, 2 bath development, archival toning or print processing of fibre-based papers.

2 Day Large Format Black and White Film Photography Workshops $575 – includes film and camera usage

Overview of 2 Day Workshops Perth

This two-day workshop is for those who wish to learn the basics of film photography. We are using traditional black and white film, chemistry, and paper. You will be photographing on day 1, developing and printing your work on day 2, hence the weekend time slot. We use large format 4×5 cameras and 4×5 inch black and white sheet film. The workshop can be adapted for medium format or 35mm cameras – just let me know in the details box above.

Day 1 -View Camera Introduction

If you have ever been curious about the advantages of using a large-format camera in your photography and what’s involved, or if you are just considering large format photography, then this workshop is for you. This introductory large format 4×5 workshop provides handson experience and techniques, with applications for both portrait and landscape work.

Large Format Film Photography Workshops are conducted outdoors along the wooded banks of the Canning River Reserve, so you can see and experience using a 4×5 field camera on location. Through discussions and field demonstrations, I will guide you through the process of setting up and using a large format camera. You will then put this newly gained knowledge into practise by making your own 4×5 negatives around the river reserve.

The Canning River Reserve will provide ample subject matter and an ideal learning environment for you to gain experience in using a 4×5 field camera within a small group setting. Even if you don’t own a 4×5 camera you will be provided with one to use, if you do have one then it bring it along. To maximise the experience, workshop numbers are limited to a maximum of 2 people. Facilities at Kent St Weir include the brand new Canning River Cafe or bring a sandwich.

You can bring your own 4×5 camera or use one of ours, let me know your preference.

Day 2 – Introduction to Darkroom Film Processing & Printing

Continuing onto Day 2, you are introduced to traditional darkroom techniques using the exposures you made on Day 1.

You will learn how easy it is to develop a black and white film. Find out about proper storage and care of negatives, archiving and the importance of making proper contact proof prints.

Discover how to enlarge one of your black and white negatives. You will receive expert guidance through the process of making your first silver gelatin print. This workshop will be held in my darkroom and participant numbers are limited to a maximum of 2 people.

Full weekend photography workshops cost $575. Workshop fee includes photographic paper, film processing and light refreshments.

Check out my list of Film Photography Supplies. Find Australian film and paper suppliers, darkroom resources, and technical websites. I have included a list of my favourite books about film development and darkroom printing techniques. For all my printing I use paper from Blanco Negro.

Kent Street Weir Canning River Wilson


  1. Hi Alex – the August workshop was great! It really satified my curiosity about large format photography. I have been tempted by large format for some time now but would never have pursued it had I not attended your workshop. It’s much easier to get involved (and make purchases), when you have an idea what you’re getting yourself into. You managed to make something previously quite intimidating seem so simple. Similarly, now that you’ve shown me how to print I’m more motivated than ever to get a darkroom up and running (almost there now).

    Thanks for the benefit of your knowledge and for your patience with my many (sometimes silly?) questions. I look forward to participating in another workshop or field trip with you in the future!



    • Thanks for your feedback about the workshop and kind words. I appreciated your interest and questions and I always seem to come away from these workshops having learnt a little bit more myself!


  2. Love that you’re doing this! Good luck with your workshop!

    • Thanks for your support Marie. This is the third workshop I will be running this year and probably the last for 2012 due to my photography commitments. The workshops are always a lot of work (and fun) and I generally lose my voice by the end of the weekend from answering questions, but I also learn a lot from my students as well.

  3. Did the one day printing and developing workshop in August, it was fantastic! I learnt a lot and it was well catered to my level and experience. I left with some beautiful prints and the knowledge of how I can develop my own film at home. Thanks Alex!

    • Hi Emily, it was a good day in which I got to demonstrate that with a minimum of gear, and without a darkroom, you can process your films at home. While making traditional darkroom prints, it was also an opportunity to discuss digital scanning or hybrid workflows. So now you can shoot and process film, scan and make digital prints. One day when you have darkroom access, you can make traditional prints as well from your negs. Lots of options, thanks for attending!

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