Karri trees in mist Pemberton Australia

Karri trees in mist 16 x 20 inch printed on lustre surface photographic paper. Posted insured within Australia $280

Karri trees in morning mist was photographed in the southwest near Pemberton. These Australian hardwood giants dominate the region and lend themselves to much of Pemberton’s visual character and timber town history.

Pemberton’s surrounding karri forest, valleys, and open farmland with large bodies of surface water create ideal conditions for mist to form in the coolest part of the evening. The mists settle in the low-lying valleys and will burn off quickly after sunrise. Get up early you will be rewarded from time to time with some truly ephemeral landscapes.

In 2008 I had only recently acquired my first digital camera. It was a Pentax K10D, with a 10-megapixel APS-C sensor. Unlike a full-frame 35mm camera, this is only 2/3 of the area.

What was exciting about this camera was two-fold. It could take my existing Pentax K-mount lenses which I already owned and it would be useful for photographing the winemaking activities of local vineyards. I was in the throes of publishing a coffee table book about the vineyards and the natural beauty of the Pemberton region.

As a result, Karri trees in mist Pemberton was one of my first digital camera landscapes. I have successfully made a large customised print from this relatively small image file. I made a stretched canvas print over 1.7 metre long and about 1.1 metres high. The softness of the misty image does not lend itself to over sharpening, so the small file is adequate.

Karri trees in mist Pemberton was one of a few double-page spread landscapes I included in the book made from digital media. Most of the landscapes photographs were made on 6x12cm and 4×5 inch film formats.

The digital camera was ideal for many of the working winery and vineyard images which I wanted to capture in a candid fashion rather than posed. Since publication, I have received comments from the wine industry that my book contains some of the very few images of actual work being carried out in wineries and vineyards.  Most vineyards and wineries are only represented with highly stylised advertising images.

Pentax K10D 100 ISO, f29 @ 1/2 second, with 65 mm focal length zoom.

Karri Trees in Mist Pemberton is printed on lustre photographic paper. It comes as a photographic print only. It will be carefully rolled and packaged in a sturdy postal tube and posted insured worldwide for $300.

Karri Trees in Mist Pemberton - Print Only
Karri Trees in Mist Pemberton - Print Only
Karri Trees in Mist Pemberton SF37 - 16x20 inch digital print on photographic paper - worldwide postage included
Pemberton Wine Region Book-Free postage within Australia
Pemberton Wine Region Book-Free postage within Australia
Pemberton Wine Region Book
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