Paperbark roots Walpole Nornalup Western Australia

framed 74.5cm x 61.5cm | image 40cm x 50cm | 1 of ed10 | $1500

Paperbark roots Walpole: located about 400km south of Perth, on the south coast, surrounded by magnificent karri and tingle forests, several rivers and two large inlets, Walpole Inlet and Nornalup Inlet.

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Paperbark roots Walpole Nornalup Western Australia is available for purchase online. Paperbark roots Walpole Nornalup Western Australia is a 40 x 50cm silver gelatin print, hand-printed by the author. It is dry-mounted onto 100% cotton museum board, then window-mounted behind a clear acrylic sheet. Framed in graphite tone aluminium it is ready to hang. Outer dimensions 74.5 x 61.5cm. Limited edition of 10, signed and numbered. Freight and insurance within Australia included.

This photograph was made in the few remaining minutes of daylight. In the dusk, I was struggling to focus and compose an image on the ground glass screen. Not only is the image upside down, but it is back to front as well. To make things worse the image is dark because the largest lens aperture I could use was F6.8. You can get faster 90mm lenses, but they have larger lens elements and therefore more glass. They can be substantially heavier, an issue you must consider when hiking with your camera.

Part of the process of composition in landscape photography is to find order within what we perceive to be disorder, and this tangle of entwined roots certainly provided an enjoyable challenge.

90mm Grandagon lens, exposure time approx 120 seconds, with Wista 4×5 on Kodak 400 TMax.

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Since 1989, Alex Bond has published cards, calendars, books, and posters under his imprint Stormlight Publishing. His images showcase the West Australian environment. Bond's handcrafted, silver-gelatin, fibre-based prints are personally made by the author in his darkroom.

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