Paperbark Detail Canning River Wetlands Perth

framed 50.5cm x 60.5cm | image 28cm x 35cm | 1 of ed10 | $900

Paperbark detail #01 Canning River is part of visual exploration of city wetlands. Many areas around the Canning River are natural wetlands which flood during the winter months. Some areas have been infilled over the years for subdivision.

Wetlands are a natural transition zone between the river and the dry catchment areas. These transition zones are always undergoing change brought on by seasonal cycles. Likewise, they are a visual metaphor for change, or decay and birth, rejuvenation and stagnation.

The regional park forms a buffer between the surrounding commercial precinct, suburbia and the river. Small pockets remain of samphire and paperbark wetlands. These are important breeding grounds for water birds and they also act as a filtration system to water runoff before it reaches the river. Restoration of wetlands that have previously been infilled is now being undertaken by volunteers in areas along the Canning and Swan Rivers.

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Paperbark Detail Canning River Wetlands Perth is available for purchase online. Paperbark Detail Canning River Wetlands Perth is a 28 x 35cm silver gelatin print, hand-printed by the author. It is dry-mounted onto 100% cotton museum board, then window-mounted behind a clear acrylic sheet. Framed in graphite tone aluminium it is ready to hang. Outer dimensions 50.5 x 60.5cm. Limited edition of 10, signed and numbered. Freight and insurance within Australia included. Exhibited 2015 in Dissociation Heathcote Gallery Applecross.

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