Native Pigface Denmark

Native Pigface Denmark Australia. Wilson Head has a diverse array of flora including pink succulent Native Pigface. $300 16x20 photograph posted worldwide

Native Pigface Denmark was made during an afternoon of misty rain that swept silently across the ocean onto Wilson Head, enveloping everything with a soft glowing light. Due to the lack of any breeze, fine droplets of rain settled onto the leaves of the coastal shrubs and foliage, highlighting its exquisite detail. As a result, the wet coastal shrubs became saturated with colour. The conditions are ideal for a beautifully exposed and fully detailed Velvia transparency.

You will find Wilson Head just past Ocean Beach just outside Denmark. From here you have stunning views across the Wilson Inlet and ocean towards the rugged Nullaki Peninsula.

Wilson Head’s rugged headland has small sheltered coves which afford some semblance of shelter from the prevailing winds. As a result, the botanical diversity clinging to these sandy windblown slopes is amazing. In a single square metre, you will discover a myriad of small plants and bushes. Around Springtime this is especially noticeable when different plants produce their distinctive coloured flowers.

Most dominant are the striking pink or mauve flowers of the Native Pigface. This unfortunately named dune loving succulent also has a yellow flowering South African relative.  The yellow flower is more common than the pink flowered variety and grows profusely in dunes around the west and south coasts.

Velvia 4×5 inch film Wista Field Camera and 90mm lens.

Native Pigface Wilson Head Denmark is printed on photographic paper. It comes as the photographic print only. It will be carefully packaged in a postal tube, insured and posted worldwide for $300.

Print Only – Posted Worldwide

Framed in Brushed Silver – Signed -Perth Pickup Only

Native Pigface Denmark Print Only
Native Pigface Denmark Print Only
SC-01 Native Pigface Denmark - 16x20 inch digital print on photographic paper - worldwide postage included
Native Pigface Denmark Framed in Brushed Silver
Native Pigface Denmark Framed in Brushed Silver
SC-01 Native Pigface Denmark - Framed in Brushed Silver - 16x20 inch (48cm x 38cm) digital print on photographic paper - approx outer dimensions 60cm wide x 71cm high - Perth Pickup Only
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