Looking Glass Magazine Issue 8 Aug Sept 2015

I am delighted to have several images and a short essay published in this month’s Looking Glass Magazine. That two of those images were made literally down the street from where I live in suburban Perth is even more satisfying!
Looking Glass Magazine Alex Bond Issue 8 2015
Two of my images in Looking Glass Magazine Issue 8

Tales from the Lens-Batteries Not Included Issue 8

My images have just been published in this month’s Looking Glass Magazine #8.

Tales from the Lens is a regular segment where photographers contribute something about their work to the magazine. I have several images selected plus my short essay that the magazine titled Batteries Not Included

Two of the six images published were made literally down the street from where I live. Both were included in my Dissociation Exhibition at Heathcote Gallery Applecross. This represents a more conscious decision to photograph locally in suburban Perth.

My short essay briefly describes my photography subject, landscapes, and my basic approach to equipment. Here is a short excerpt from my essay that best sums up my approach and style.

“I think the gaining of awareness is the most single important factor in any creative endeavour. Awareness requires empathy, an understanding and a heightened sensitivity towards the subject.

My aim is to discover compositions as they are revealed to me through my engagement with the subject, rather than the superficial treatment of the subject as an object that requires beautification or decoration by me.

The imposing of a preconceived vision through affectation is my equivalent to a disconnection with the subject.”

Published in Lone Pine, California, the magazine and is available for a small subscription. It features the works of international photographers Paul Caponigro, Alan Ross, Ansel Adams, to name a few.

If you are serious about the possibilities of new ways of seeing, then you need to view the images of serious workers. You can get further details from the Looking Glass website or their facebook page.

Looking Glass Magazine Tales from the Lens Alex Bond
“Tales from the Lens” photo essay published in Looking Glass Magazine 2015
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