Laundry shed Margaret River

framed 50.5cm x 60.5cm | image 28cm x 35cm | 1 of ed10 | $900

Laundry shed Margaret River

Ready to hang

Framed Aluminium – graphite 50.5cm x 60.5cm

28x35cm Hand Printed Silver Gelatin Print, window mounted behind clear acrylic sheet

Signed, numbered, 1 of Edition of 10

Laundry shed Margaret River  28x35cm Print Framed Aluminium 50.5cm x 60.5cm
Laundry shed Margaret River 28x35cm Print Framed Aluminium 50.5cm x 60.5cm
Laundry shed Margaret River 28x35cm Print Framed Aluminium 50.5cm x 60.5cm 1 of ed10 - postage within Australia included

Laundry shed Margaret River, is an image I didn’t set out to deliberately make. Call it exploration or perhaps just a happy accident.

I had my medium format camera set up on a tripod towards a view across a farm paddock. Behind me was an old wooden building which was part keep, part laundry and shed. For whatever reason, I abandoned my initial plan and turned the camera 180 degrees back towards the shed behind me.

The sun was hitting the north face, with some of the aged grey weather-board almost reflecting specular light. In stark contrast the other side of the shed was in deep shadow. Only the sunlit heads of dried grass swaying gently in the breeze created a bridge between the two opposing tones.

The portrait lens on the camera allowed for a tightly composed image. It accentuated the visual tension created by the weatherboard’s converging perspective culminating at the shed’s corner. That corner also delineates the image between sunlight and shadow. There is further tension within the image created by the vertical planks of the doors which run at right angles to the wall planks. Across the composition there is a repetition of rectangular shapes and opposing tones.

The image oscillates between a perceptible three-dimensional perspective, realised by the shed’s corner, to an image reduced into two dimensions by its columns of tone and shapes. In the original 11×14 inch silver gelatin print, the three dark windows above the barn door hold good shadow detail. This allows sufficient internal detail of the window frame to be seen.

This image of my late grandparents’ laundry shed, Margaret River was made with a Bronica ETRS. It is hand printed on Foma fibre based 11×14 inch silver gelatin paper. I find the composition pleasing for its underlying visual tension, repetition of shapes, opposing perspectives and tonalities.

Bronica ETRS 6×4.5cm 150mm lens Kodak 120 Tri X film

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  1. Another good one…with the right position sing ,light,framing and conditions you take what could be seen at first glance as a banal or at least unspectacular subject to something that is expressive,poetic and quite quietly powerful…Ciao catch soon Alex.Warren

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