Film Photography Workshops Perth

Black and white film photography workshops Perth

The next black and white workshop will be held on a weekend in late April 2018. The date is yet to be set. If you want advanced notification of the workshop dates just send me your email.

Perth workshops are for those who wish to learn the basics about film based photography, using black and white film, chemistry and paper.

We use large format 4×5 cameras down to medium format 6×6 and 35mm.

You will be photographing on day 1 and developing and printing your work on day 2, hence the weekend time slot.

This workshop is suitable for 35mm, medium format or 4x5 users.

Bring your own camera or use one of ours, let me know your preference.

There is a maximum of 2 participants per workshop. Film, paper and darkroom chemistry, plus two day's tuition included in the price of $525.

Rather than set future workshop dates we can set a workshop time that fits in with you. 

Workshops can be modified to suit more advanced workers, for example a single day of darkroom printing. 

You can read a general overview of the two day workshop below the contact form.

Please use the enquiry form below. 


General Overview of 2 Day Workshop - Introduction Level

Large Format Film Photography Workshops

Day 1 -View Camera Introduction

Kent St Weir, Wilson, on the Canning River

If you have ever been curious about the advantages of using a large format camera in your photography and what’s involved, or if you are just considering large format photography, then this workshop is for you. This introductory large format 4x5 workshop provides hands on experience and techniques, with applications for both portrait and landscape work.

Large Format Film Photography Workshops are conducted outdoors along the wooded banks of the Canning River Reserve, so you can see and experience using a 4x5 field camera on location. Through discussions and field demonstrations, I will guide you through the process of setting up and using a large format camera. You will then put this newly gained knowledge into practise by making your own 4x5 negatives around the river reserve.

The Canning River Reserve will provide ample subject matter and an ideal learning environment for you to gain experience in using a 4x5 field camera within a small group setting. Even if you don't own a 4x5 camera you will be provided with one to use, if you do have one then it bring it along. To maximise the experience, workshop numbers are limited to a maximum of 2 people. Facilities at Kent St Weir include the brand new Canning River Cafe or bring a sandwich.

film photography Point Walter Workshop

Day 2 - Darkroom Introduction to Film Processing & Printing

For participants who have just completed Day 1 View Camera Introduction, this provides a logical continuum to the large format processing and printing stages.

You will learn how to develop a black and white film, proper storage and care of negatives, archiving and the importance of making proper contact proof prints.

You will also have the opportunity to enlarge one of your black and white negatives and be guided through the process of making your first silver gelatin print. This workshop will be held in my darkroom and participant numbers are limited to a maximum of 2 people.

Workshop fee includes photographic paper, film processing and light refreshments. Bring your lunch. Weekend workshop fee (2 days) $525.

Get my free 10 page Film Resource Kit below. If you need more information please contact me.

Kent Street Weir Canning River Wilson