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Granite Canal Rocks Yallingup Western Australia

Canal Rocks Yallingup Australia

Granite Canal Rocks Yallingup  hand printed 16×20 inch baryta based silver gelatin print

Granite Canal Rocks is a detail study of the many rock formations which characterise the area. Canal Rocks Yallingup has remarkable granite formations and canal like structure that form a massive bulwark against the pounding Indian Ocean swells, creating dramatic plumes of sea spray. The area is characterised by cliffs and rocky headlands and some small sandy coves. Canal Rocks weathered granite formations and coastal cliffs provide a range of potential compositions. Some shapes and patterns look like they are just ripe for a sculptor to release them into some free form. The patterns and shapes of the rocks combined with the heaving ocean swell are mesmerizing and it is easy to lose track of time watching the endless swell lines marching towards the impenetrable rocks. Tmax 400 4×5  sheet film with a 210mm nikkor lens with a cut in exposure and additional development.  About hand made silver prints.