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I conducted a film workshop during my exhibition "Dissociation" at Heathcote Gallery. I demonstrated making an exposure using my 4x5 camera. The group then observed me processing that negative. Due to level of interest registered I will be repeating this workshop which is limited to 10 participants at a time.

Last Sunday at Heathcote Museum & Gallery I conducted a film workshop offered during the course of my exhibition “Dissociation“.

The workshop is an introduction to film development. I wasn’t using any darkroom facilities so I was demonstrated using a daylight processing tank using 4×5 sheet film.

Running water was not available either in the demonstration space. So with a rather rudimentary set up I demonstrated how little equipment you really need to process film.

Using the workshop participants as the subject I set up my camera. To encompass as wide a view of the gallery as possible I used a 65mm wide angle lens. My wooden field camera was placed on a tripod and after metering the scene, a one second exposure was given.

The exposed negative was then transferred to a daylight tank using a changing bag. I then processed the film, during which the development steps were discussed and questions asked.

After the final rinse, the 4×5 neg was passed around the table for everyone to view (wet!). There was a little exclamation of surprise from the participants as I removed the 4×5 inch negative from the tank. Holding the negative to the light they could easily see their image on it. There is definitely something special about holding an image in your hand.

I will be holding one more film workshop at Heathcote on Saturday, April 11 at 1 pm. It too booked out quickly. Don’t forget I offer workshops during the year, so check my workshop web page for dates. Alternatively, leave your email to be notified of future workshops.

This is a scan from that neg. Developed in Blanco Negro Fomadon R09 1+50, 6.5min at 27ºC.

Ilford HP5 EI 200, 65mm Nikkor 1 second at f11, Wista 4×5 field camera.

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