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  1. Hi Alex – the August workshop was great! It really satified my curiosity about large format photography. I have been tempted by large format for some time now but would never have pursued it had I not attended your workshop. It’s much easier to get involved (and make purchases), when you have an idea what you’re getting yourself into. You managed to make something previously quite intimidating seem so simple. Similarly, now that you’ve shown me how to print I’m more motivated than ever to get a darkroom up and running (almost there now).

    Thanks for the benefit of your knowledge and for your patience with my many (sometimes silly?) questions. I look forward to participating in another workshop or field trip with you in the future!



    • Thanks for your feedback about the workshop and kind words. I appreciated your interest and questions and I always seem to come away from these workshops having learnt a little bit more myself!


  2. Love that you’re doing this! Good luck with your workshop!

    • Thanks for your support Marie. This is the third workshop I will be running this year and probably the last for 2012 due to my photography commitments. The workshops are always a lot of work (and fun) and I generally lose my voice by the end of the weekend from answering questions, but I also learn a lot from my students as well.

  3. Did the one day printing and developing workshop in August, it was fantastic! I learnt a lot and it was well catered to my level and experience. I left with some beautiful prints and the knowledge of how I can develop my own film at home. Thanks Alex!

    • Hi Emily, it was a good day in which I got to demonstrate that with a minimum of gear, and without a darkroom, you can process your films at home. While making traditional darkroom prints, it was also an opportunity to discuss digital scanning or hybrid workflows. So now you can shoot and process film, scan and make digital prints. One day when you have darkroom access, you can make traditional prints as well from your negs. Lots of options, thanks for attending!

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