Darkroom Printing Tuition Full Day

Darkroom Printing Tuition Full-Day: Cost $300 includes materials, Duration 6 hours, 9am to 4pm, Ferndale, Perth

Silver Printing: One to One Guidance

Darkroom Printing Tuition is a full-day providing specific guidance to either the beginner or advanced darkroom printer.

This is full-day tuition providing individual one to one guidance for either the beginner or advanced darkroom printer.

For beginners, a full day’s tuition provides the opportunity to learn how to make a traditional silver gelatin darkroom print from black and white negative film. You will leave with a well-rounded knowledge of how to make a print and what gear or set up would suit you best.

For advanced darkroom printers, we can cover printing techniques, such as split grade. Or we can explore more advanced contrast controls such as negative masking and image flashing. Advanced workers should also have a working understanding of archival print processing, print presentation, and storage.

Full-day tuition is designed around your specific needs and interests, so please email me to discuss your requirements before booking. Alternatively, you can message me on 0427.555.187

I offer a range of individually guided film-based photography and darkroom printing workshops to suit both beginner and advanced practitioners. You can view the current workshops on my Workshops page.

Darkroom Printing Tuition Full Day: Cost $300 includes materials, Duration 6 hours, 9 am to 4 pm, Ferndale, Perth. Please be aware that any refunds for workshops booked and paid for via Paypal will not include Paypal fees.

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Since 1989, Alex Bond has published cards, calendars, books, and posters under his imprint Stormlight Publishing. His images showcase the West Australian environment. Bond's handcrafted, silver-gelatin, fibre-based prints are personally made by the author in his darkroom.

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