Church window Mount Barker Western Australia

Play a little with composition design. I was “down south” for a couple of days recently and covered a fair bit of ground, traveling from one country town to another. Whilst I wasn’t strictly on a photographic trip I took my 4×5 anyway, and some double darks loaded with T-Max 400 film. You never know what you might find. Through the car window, I often glimpse fleeting images and compositions. My usual thoughts are that I would love to stop the car, get out and set up the tripod and camera, but usually, time constraints apply, and the idea remains just that. On this trip, I decided things were going to be a bit different.  Rather than making a mental note of a potential image and coming back at a later time, I made an effort to stop and make a photograph.  I figured if it looks rights now, let’s not wait until another time when probably the light – or inspiration –  has evaporated.

I was pleasantly surprised with the results. Even though I am working with a slower 4×5 camera, it sometimes pays to have some fun, play a little, and take a chance by seizing the moment as it presents itself. The spontaneity of subject matter and composition can be quite refreshing.

Reader Comments

  1. Lili Rahmati

    Hi Alex,
    A few things:
    First, love the composition of this photograph. Love that you stopped and decided to take the photo while you were “in the moment”.
    Reflections are some of my favorite compositions so there’s a special place in my heart for this image.
    Also, great blog and stunningly beautiful photographs – thank you for sharing.
    Lastly, I’m honored to have a place in the sidebar and am happy to make the connection 🙂

    • abond1964

      Thanks Lili for dropping by and taking a peek at my blog site and leaving such kind comments! I came by accident across your site and was immediately taken by the spontaneity, sense of play and view point expressed within your work, so I hope you don’t mind me adding your site to my blog list for others to see. Looking forward to seeing more of your work, Kind Regards, Alex

  2. Lili Rahmati

    Thank you, Alex. I appreciate your insights and I’m also very happy to know that you enjoyed some of my images. I look forward to checking back often to view your latest artistic creations. I’ll keep you posted on my progress as well.

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