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pre-soaking films

Film Developingtraditional sheet and roll film processing techniques, black and white film developing, E6 transparency film processing, stand development black and white film, establishing your own film speed index.

You don’t need a darkroom to develop your own film.

Film Workshop Heathcote Gallery learn to develop film

film workshop Alex Bond Photography Exhibition
I conducted a film workshop during my exhibition "Dissociation" at Heathcote Gallery. I demonstrated making an exposure using my 4x5 camera. The group then observed me processing that negative. Due to level of interest registered I will be repeating this workshop which is limited to 10 participants at a time.

Processing 120 film with excessive curl

Processing 120 film with excessive curl in the film base
Processing 120 film with excessive curling can cause the film to jam or be damaged when loading into spiral reels for tank development. The following is a description of how I load 120 film with excessive curl into a daylight film tank for processing.