frenchman peak Calothamnus genus cape le grand national park esperance

Frenchman Peak Cape Le Grand Esperance Woolly Net-bush

Frenchman Peak Frenchman Peak is an exposed coastal granite peak located in the Cape Le Grand National Park. From the summit you have 360 degree views of this remote national park and its stunning coastal scenery. The peak is an important place in local Aboriginal culture and is named Mandooboornup. It was the surveyor Alexander... Continue reading "Frenchman Peak Cape Le Grand Esperance Woolly Net-bush"

Albany south coast Andersonia sprengelioides

Albany South Coast Western Australia 4×5 Field Camera

Albany south coast, Andersonia sprengelioides Albany south coast is one of my favourite locations. When the summer weather sets in, Perth can get hot.  The region offers a refreshing cool change with dramatic coastal scenery. Even in summer, small low pressure systems brush the coast near Albany. The change in weather not only means cooler... Continue reading "Albany South Coast Western Australia 4×5 Field Camera"

forest floor porongurup national park

Forest floor Porongurup National Park Western Australia

Forest floor detail Porongurup National Park Forest floor Porongurup National Park Western Australia. The weathered granite domes and outcrops of this range were formed deep underground when Australia collided with Antarctica to form Gondwana. In the valleys formed between the domes grow the most eastern remnants of karri forest. Karri trees shed great strips of... Continue reading "Forest floor Porongurup National Park Western Australia"

Native pigface Wilson Head Denmark

Denmark Native Pigface Wilson Head Western Australia

Denmark Native Pigface Wilson Head Western Australia. This beautiful headland near Denmark has views across the Wilson Inlet towards the stunning Nullaki Peninsula. Hidden around this rugged headland are sheltered coves which afford some semblance of shelter from the prevailing winds. As a result the botanical diversity clinging to these sandy wind blown slopes is... Continue reading "Denmark Native Pigface Wilson Head Western Australia"

sundews south west australia

Sundews South West Australia wild flowers Pemberton

Sundews South West Australia Pemberton. Sundews South West Australia take their family name from the word Drosera. This family name refers to the plants' dewdrop like sticky secretions. If you look carefully you will see them covering their leaves. Most of the coastal regions have ancient soils and as a result are poor in trace... Continue reading "Sundews South West Australia wild flowers Pemberton"

karri forest mist australia

Pemberton Southern Forests Western Australia

Pemberton -film location for Jasper Jones Visiting Pemberton Western Australia is like stepping back in time. It was the perfect location for the recent filming of Jasper Jones, starring Toni Collette and Hugo Weaving. Pemberton is one of the few remaining south west towns  that still have surviving buildings from earlier times. Rustic timber mill... Continue reading "Pemberton Southern Forests Western Australia"

postcards western australia Alex Bond Stormlight Publishing 2017

Western Australian Postcards Stormlight Publishing

Leeuwin Naturaliste - Southern Forests - South Coast Postcard Series I finally got around to completing Stormlight Publishing 25 years of South West Postcards. For those of you familiar with my work you would know that I have been publishing and distributing images of Western Australian national parks since 1989 under my imprint Stormlight Publishing.... Continue reading "Western Australian Postcards Stormlight Publishing"