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Pemberton Southern Forests Western Australia

Pemberton -film location for Jasper Jones Visiting Pemberton Western Australia is like stepping back in time. It was the perfect location for the recent filming of Jasper Jones, starring Toni Collette and Hugo Weaving. Pemberton is one of the few remaining south west towns  that still have surviving buildings from earlier times. Rustic timber mill... Continue reading "Pemberton Southern Forests Western Australia"

Camera protection backpacking

Protecting your camera backpacking Stirling Range Ridge Walk

Stirling Range Ridge Walk Protecting camera gear backpacking is essential if it is to remain usable when traversing rugged environments. As you can see from the image below of the Third Arrow, the Ridge Walk terrain is challenging with a heavy pack. You should have a modern backpack with shoulder and hip harness. My advice... Continue reading "Protecting your camera backpacking Stirling Range Ridge Walk"

Yallingup Surf Rabbit Hill Leeuwin Naturaliste Postcards

Surf Rabbit Hill Yallingup Leeuwin Naturaliste Series Postcards

When I commenced publishing the Leeuwin Naturaliste Series of postcards back in 1989 I started with just 11 cards. By the following year I was needing more new images.  In particular, I needed images made in the 35mm film format I had designed my postcards around. As I explained in “25 years of south west... Continue reading "Surf Rabbit Hill Yallingup Leeuwin Naturaliste Series Postcards"

Contos spring contos beach

Contos spring Contos Beach Margaret River region

Contos Spring flows when the local limestone caves have received enough underground water. The spring seeps up out of the beach sand at the southern end of Contos Beach. Overhanging limestone cliffs dominate the beach and create a colourful and dramatic back drop especially towards evening. On this particular evening there were several parties spread... Continue reading "Contos spring Contos Beach Margaret River region"

Lefroy Brook Pemberton

Early morning photography Pemberton Western Australia

Early morning photography Early morning photography provides the photographer with many opportunities. One such opportunity is this image of Lefroy Brook near Pemberton. It was the pay off for leaving my warm sleeping bag early, hiking along a dark track through karri forest with only my head lamp, until I came to my river location. Scouting... Continue reading "Early morning photography Pemberton Western Australia"