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Much of my professional work was making colour photographs of southwest Western Australia national parks and reserves. I used colour slide film, also called transparency film or trannies.

The choice of colour transparency over colour negative was three-fold. First, colour transparency was easy to view and edit on a lightbox. This was important for editors of magazines to which I submitted work. I also used a lightbox for the image editing of my own publications. With a lightbox and colour slides, you can immediately see what you are getting. On the other hand, negatives have inverted colours. Judging colour and exposure is more difficult! The second reason for choosing colour transparency over colour negative was that image stability with Fuji Velvia and E-6 was rather more than what I was experiencing with the colour negative and C41 process. Indeed I have seen professionally processed C41 negs shift colour substantially due to dye layer deterioration. Third, nearly every publication is in full colour, so the demand for black and white images in magazine and book publishing was negligible.

These articles are about behind the scenes details in making the photographs. To purchase the colour prints go directly from my Folios Page.