Paperbark regrowth fire Canning River Perth

Canning River Perth fire paperbark regrowth

Paperbark regrowth after fire: new shoots on burnt paperbarks, Canning River Perth 16x20 inch hand printed silver gelatin fibre based print. It was exhibited in the 2015 Canning River "Dissociation" exhibition. After a serious fire in 2011 in which water bombing was required to prevent the fire spreading into neighboring houses, much of the park... Continue reading "Canning River Perth fire paperbark regrowth"

Paperbark tree Walpole Nornalup Australia

Paperbark Tree Walpole Nornalup Australia

Walpole Nornalup National Park Paperbark tree, photographed near Walpole reflects the tranquility on a quiet afternoon. Everything was still which is unusual. It's right near the coast where you can hear the sound of the southern ocean's pounding waves in the distance. Although there was no breeze where I stood, late afternoon clouds move across... Continue reading "Paperbark Tree Walpole Nornalup Australia"

Karri forest Walpole Nornalup Australia

Karri forest Walpole Nornalup Inlet Western Australia

Karri forest Walpole on the Nornalup Inlet. One of the more unusual locations where you find a small section of beach and karri forest up to the water's edge. The Nornalup Inlet at Walpole has many moods, wild and woolly when those southerlies come blasting through, peaceful calm to misty and mysterious. There are two... Continue reading "Karri forest Walpole Nornalup Inlet Western Australia"