Canning River Photos Silver Gelatin Print Exhibition

Canning River Photos Silver Gelatin Print Exhibition

“Dissociation” is an exhibition of Canning River Photos. It continues my documentation of the contemporary landscape within one of Perth’s largest metropolitan regional parks. The surrounding landscape and the health of the waterway are intertwined.

It is a visual record of the conflict between the visual impact of land and river degradation while acknowledging the inherent beauty that persists within.

Dissociation photographic exhibition is an ongoing project documenting landscape elements within the Canning River environment. It follows two smaller exhibits at the Riverton Library and the Canning River Eco Education Centre in 2013 and 2014.

Canning River Photos

My observations in and around the Canning River Regional Park are being recorded using a 4×5 field camera. Using 4×5 inch photographic sheet film affords a level of image fidelity and control consistent with the aims of creating a collection of highquality images. All the silver gelatin photographs are hand-printed in my darkroom. They are processed to archival standards, including selenium toning and museum mount boards.

You can purchase all 28 images in the exhibition as a hardcover book.  To inquire about purchasing an original print, please email me.

The creation of this photographic collection of Canning River photographs is a longitudinal photography project.

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