Canning River Photographs Perth Australia

Pictorial collection of contemporary images within the Canning River Regional Park, Perth, Western Australia

Soft Cover, 10×8 in, 25×20 cm 52 Pages

If you are purchasing outside Australia use my Blurb book store.

Lost in Suburbia
Lost in Suburbia
Lost in Suburbia - soft cover - includes postage within Australia

I have just reposted a collection of about 40 contemporary Canning River photographs in a 50 page publication. The photographs were made around the Kent Street Weir within Perth’s Canning River Regional Park.

During 2011, I used my old Yashica 124G twin lens film camera to make daily images of the parkland. Sometimes I went back to a location with my large format film camera. My medium of choice was black and white film, preferring to avoid colour. This allowed me greater freedom without the distraction that colour introduces with its potential for idealising or embellishing. The area photographed spanned about 2 km of river. To this day I continue to make images of the parkland and river, as part of an ongoing project in recording its environment.

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