Canning River Misty Morning 3 Prints Boxed Set

Box set of 3 archivally processed, matted, mounted prints, hand printed and signed by the author

Canning River misty morning is one of three prints that will be sold as a set.

One of my long-term projects has centred around Perth parklands, waterways, and reserves. I have been exploring their aesthetics, observing the light, form, and texture.

These images challenge contemporary attitudes and prejudices within the landscape photography genre, by acknowledging the presence of these lands that have become the boundaries between remnant bushland and urbanisation.

Often containing invasive plant and fish species, thereby reducing native species. Algae growth from increased nutrient runoff can lead to water deoxygenation. Contaminants enter the water via road runoff and stormwater drains.

Such boundaries do not represent pristine wilderness landscapes. Nor do they hold iconic imagery, held in such high regard by contemporary landscape photographers.

Yet these are the very places locals seek for peace, relaxation and recreation.

Canning River Misty Morning is one image in a set of 3. The other two images from this set will also feature landscapes from the Canning River Regional Park. Each image will be 18x18cm and dry mounted onto 11×14 inch 100% cotton rag museum board.

I will be completing the print sets over the next few weeks and will publish details about their availability and prices.

Made: 2021
Print Size: 18cm high x 18cm wide
Print Type: silver gelatin on Fomabrom 111
Digital scan above: off actual silver gelatin print
Camera: Bronica SQ, 250mm lens, Kodak T Max 400 stand developed Ilford LC29 30 minutes

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Since 1989, Alex Bond has published cards, calendars, books, and posters under his imprint Stormlight Publishing. His images showcase the West Australian environment. Bond's handcrafted, silver-gelatin, fibre-based prints are personally made by the author in his darkroom.

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