Canning River Dissociation Photographic Exhibition Heathcote Gallery

dissociation photographic exhibition

Canning River Dissociation Exhibition

You are invited to the opening

Heathcote Gallery & Museum, Applecross, Perth

March 7 to April 12, 2015

Canning River Dissociation Exhibition.

Opening night Friday, 6th March 6pm RSVP phone 9364 5666 or

Canning River Dissociation is an exhibition of 30 hand printed black and white photographic prints made within the Canning River Regional Park, Perth.

The work explores the concept of beauty within a challenging and changing environment of a metropolitan regional park.

Come to the Gallery on Sat 14th March 1pm where I will give an artist talk. During my discussion I will explain my choices in using film, large format cameras and the traditional darkroom to create the prints in this exhibition. I will also explain how your creative decisions are guided by having direct contact with your materials. You may discover the process is more considered than many of today’s popular workflows.

The following day at 1pm at the Gallery, I will be giving a free workshop demonstrating film development. Places are limited so please contact the Gallery on: or phone 9364 5666

Look forward to seeing you there.



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