Black and White Photographic Prints

Black and white photographic silver gelatin prints of the West Australian landscape, personally hand printed by Alex Bond

Black and white landscape photography

Traditional Darkroom printmaking

Black and white photographic prints are personally hand-printed by me in my darkroom. Using traditional baryta-based silver-rich paper. I follow established archival procedures, including partially toning with selenium. My prints come in 11×14 and 16×20 inch sizes and are limited to an edition of 10. Please email me if you have any questions regarding my black and white photographic prints.


Since 1989, Alex Bond has published cards, calendars, books, and posters under his imprint Stormlight Publishing. His images showcase the West Australian environment. Bond's handcrafted, silver-gelatin, fibre-based prints are personally made by the author in his darkroom.

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  1. Alex,
    I am just discovering your amazing work, and reading about it, well just so inspiring.
    I am returning to analog photography after a long journey in the digital world, and it is the best move I have made, now playing with a 4×5 old calumet beast of a camera ( and some RB67).
    Thank you for sharing your work and your knowledge.
    Very Best Regards,

    • Thank you, Tony. I am glad you are finding some inspiration in my images, although truth be told when I am photographing, I seldom think of anyone else seeing the image other than me, so it is always a bonus when others can get something from them too.

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