Back Beach Denmark South Coast

Back Beach Denmark on the south coast is a popular surfing spot with the locals.

Nearly every coastal town has a back beach. You know, the one that is less popular with the visitors but well known to the locals? It is usually accessed via a dirt track off the bitumen leading somewhere over the dunes.

Unlike the local surfers and fishers, I don’t use a 4WD, so I hike along the coast with my camera and tripod in my backpack. It takes a bit longer to get to my destination (OK, sometimes several hours longer), but in that time I get to see and appreciate a lot of things on the way.

Like the subtle changes in the landscape, the way the foliage and bush changes as I slowly advance towards the coast. Or perhaps which wildflowers are out and what bushes, trees, and shrubs are flowering. The direction of the wind, the sun on your skin, the quality of the light, the softness of the sand beneath your boots, and the general quietening of your mind. These are all factors in influencing your mood, your perception for photography.

As you walk, you build up to a moment where a photograph presents itself to you, like a bubble that has risen to the surface. On a beautifully calm morning, how could I resist the intense red of the sprawling coral vine, with distant surfers riding the waves? Back Beach Denmark region, south coast WA, is now accessible via the Wilderness Oceans Walk Trail.

Wooden, folding Wista 4×5 field camera, with a 6x9cm roll film back, Velvia 50 ISO.

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