Augusta Blackwood River

Practising your compositional skills using the instantaneous feedback from a small digital camera can be helpful. I had some fun practising on the abstract patterns and pastel hues on the Blackwood River.

Augusta Blackwood River is dotted with little shrines to the fishing gods. These fish scaling or cleaning tables seemed to take on a sculptural meaning of their own.

We were taking an evening stroll by the banks of the Blackwood River in Augusta. It was a beautiful windless evening with barely a ripple on the water. The clouds’ reflections were creating abstract patterns with soft pastel hues. Every 50metres or so, we would pass one of these fish cleaning benches.

The evening clouds were reflected in the surface of the river. Soft pastel colours floating across the sky and the water. Stationary, in the middle of this gentle movement, was a bouy or a fish cleaning bench. I couldn’t pass up this visual incongruity.

I had a little canon digital camera with me so I managed to get several images, preserving the soft colours and quiet mood.

Fishing is obviously a popular activity and every 20 to 50 metres dotted along the banks you will find these little fish scaling tables in various shapes sizes and design. As they floated in their own reflections they reminded me of little shrines or temples.

The oil rich yellow lipped mullet caught fresh from the Blackwood are among my favourite fish. May the fishing deities be pleased.

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  1. So very peaceful and soothing…… Love the mood and colours here!

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