Artist Lounge Talk 7pm June 14th 2010

Artist Lounge Talk

I have been invited as guest speaker for the next Artist Lounge Talk, a quarterly evening event providing a forum for local art and craft minded people to listen to a professional artist (or in my case photographer) discuss their art experience and knowledge.

I will be giving an overview as to how I began my photographic career, my choice of subject matter and the founding of Stormlight Publishing. Photography has undergone rapid changes over the last decade brought about by the advancement of digital technology.  Even so, I will discuss my preference for using a large format wooden field camera which I will bring along to show.  Finding the  balance between personal artistic expression and commercial needs is my  aim in using both digital technology and maintaining the use of non digital, traditional, wet darkroom techniques. You are invited to come along for an evening of discussion and view some of my recent work.

Artist Lounge Talk, 7.00pm June 14th  2010
Liddelow Homestead
Cooper Avenue, Kenwick
for bookings and information call 9452 9903

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  • Alex,
    If by chance you have a video available of the talk and can post on YouTube, it would be great to be able to see it (for those of us who are your fans and admirers around the world).
    Hope you’re doing well.

    • Hi Lili, thanks for your interest in the talk. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately!) I don’t have a video of the presentation I made. All up with presentation, questions, a cup of coffee and people having a chance to view some of my finished work first hand, the presentation took about 1.5 hours.

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