Stirling Porongurup Ranges Photographs Western Australia

Stirling Porongurup Ranges Western Australia photographic prints and poster and cards.

Camera protection backpacking
Protecting your camera backpacking Stirling Range Ridge Walk
Stirling Range Ridge Walk Protecting camera gear backpacking is essential if it is to remain usable when traversing rugged environments. Read more.
Stirling Range Ellen Peak Pyungoorup The Arrows Australia
Stirling Range Ridge Walk Western Australia
Stirling Range Ridge Walk with a field camera Horizon Calendar In 1997 I was publishing my large format Horizon Calendar Read more.
Skink Bluff Knoll Stirling Range Western Australia
Skink Bluff Knoll Stirling Range. Beautifully camouflaged against the orange lichen flecked rocks, a skink warms itself on the summit Read more.