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Black and white landscape photography

Alex Bond works with black and white landscape photography using a large format wooden field camera. Unlike many photographers he retains the use of film and traditional darkroom techniques. As a result Alex prints all his black and white silver gelatin exhibition photographs by hand.

Cards and books publishing

Since 1989 Alex has published under the imprint Stormlight Publishing.  He is the first and only photographer to create a postcard series dedicated to south west national parks. Over a period spanning more than 25 years he has produced award winning cards, calendars, posters and books. He has also contributed to various publishing houses.

Australian south west postcards Stormlight Publishing Alex Bond

Large format view camera

His style has been crafted over decades of large format film photography. Combining his passion for hiking he has back packed his wooden field camera through out much of the south west. Unpacking and setting up a field camera on a tripod takes an effort compared to a point and shoot. So the image in the photographer’s mind has to be worthwhile. Instead of checking the instant feedback of a digital back to see a result, this workflow relies more on your vision and skill. As a result his images are more considered.

Alex Bond Photographer

 Film traditional darkroom workshops

Alex is based in Perth Western Australia. He shares his knowledge of black and white photography in small workshops. Alex also provides individual tuition. Workshops are film based and include darkroom techniques. Rather than sit at a computer, workshops are active in the field or in the darkroom teaching you new skills.


Overdeveloped negatives | printing from difficult negatives

Silver gelatin fibre based exhibition prints

Alex’s photographic exhibitions offer the rare opportunity to view traditional hand printed black and white photography. His recent works explore the everyday landscapes found within the transition zones of remnant bush and the built environment. If you would like to be notified of future exhibitions please leave your email, thank you.

Canning River Perth oxygenation trail tryptich
Oxygenation trail tryptich #02 8x40in silver gelatin More Info

“I go for long walks in the bush or along the coast with my wooden field camera, a few sheets of film, a tripod and sometimes a tent and food. I like to take my time to absorb the environment, to rediscover and to reconnect. My direct involvement with the materials and techniques for making an expressive photographic print is of importance to me. I maintain a traditional darkroom, developing my films and hand printing all my black and white silver gelatin prints.” Read more

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Film speed test Ilford FP4 no densitometer
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postcards western australia Alex Bond Stormlight Publishing 2017
Western Australian Postcards Stormlight Publishing
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Stirling Range Ellen Peak Pyungoorup The Arrows Australia
Stirling Range Ridge Walk Western Australia
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Smiths Beach Yallingup Cape Naturaliste sunset
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Yallingup Surf Rabbit Hill Leeuwin Naturaliste Postcards
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Lefroy Brook Pemberton
Early morning photography Pemberton Western Australia
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