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Gourmand Awards Paris Pemberton Wine Region Book

Gourmand Awards Karri Valley Dam Karri Valley Resort Pemberton

Gourmand Awards Paris: My recently published book Pemberton Wine Region Western Australia  was the Australian finalist in two categories at the Gourmand Book Awards recently held in Paris. The categories were Best Wine Photography and Best Book on New World Wines.

The Belgium-French and Italy entries finally took home the awards. Italy won Best Wine Photography in the World with Lombardia, Il Mosaico del Vino, Andrea Zanfi, Gio Martorana, (Carlo Cambi). The Belgium-French entry won Best Book on New World Wines in the World with: Chile, País de Vinos y de Montañas  Papianile Mura (Versant Sud). Congratulations to the other publishers and authors.

3 thoughts on “Gourmand Awards Paris Pemberton Wine Region Book

  1. Hi Alex, just noticed you started a blog so I thought I’d pop by and say hello 🙂

    I’ve admired your work for many years, and I respect your choice of camera. Though I’m not sure I could have the dedication to do the same, it’s good to see people doing what they believe in.

    Congratualtions on the getting as far as you did in the Gourmand Book Awards, it can’t be easy competing internationally like that.

    1. Thanks very much Dave. The blog is pretty much still in its infancy and I’m still learning. I hope to add new images, let people know of upcoming events, snippets of information and share a few comments and musings.

      1. I can relate to that, I’m still trying make the most of my blog and keep updating it regularly.

        It can take over if you’re not careful. 🙂

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