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Canning River Sheoaks Grass Perth Western Australia

Sheoaks grass Canning River casuarina-obesa

Canning River Sheoaks Grass was made on a bright summer’s day. Preserving the impression of bright light is important for me in this photograph. Maintaining texture in the grass is important in achieving this quality. With the contrast range in this scene so high I wanted to prevent the deep shadows from going to black in the  print. If the shadows from the back lit sheoaks were reduced to black it would reduce the impression of an intense but enveloping light. The film was Forte 4×5  sheet. The negative received additional exposure and reduced development. Sheoaks and grass Canning River Perth 16×20 inch hand printed silver gelatin fibre based print. Sheoaks and grass Canning River was exhibited in “Dissociation” at Heathcote Museum and Gallery 2015.

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Paperbark Walpole Nornalup Australia

Paperbark Walpole Nornalup Australia

Paperbark Walpole within the Walpole Nornalup National Park Western Australia. Paperbarks are easy to recognised. The trees’ smooth white papery barks contrast against the deep green backdrop that is the heavily forested Walpole. The region is renowned for its towering karri forest and tingle trees with enormous girths. The paperbarks reside on the margins of these giants, often in the swamps and wetland areas. Their tenacity for life and their reserve are expressed in their roots, much like the lines of face. There are interesting shapes formed by root diversions, overlaps, twists, unexpected angles and knots, an analogy of a life lived.

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Karri forest Walpole Nornalup Inlet Western Australia

Karri forest Walpole Nornalup Australia

Karri forest Walpole on the Nornalup Inlet. One of the more unusual locations where you find a small section of beach and karri forest up to the water’s edge. The Nornalup Inlet at Walpole has many moods, wild and woolly when those southerlies come blasting through, peaceful calm to misty and mysterious. There are two forested knolls that create the narrow channel between the Walpole Inlet and the Nornalup Inlet. Their steep dark slopes provide the perfect back drop to highlight the karri trees’ smooth creamy bark. During Spring you can find many delicate wildflowers growing in the forest understorey.  About hand made silver prints.

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Bracken Fern Augusta

Bracken Fern

Bracken Fern Augusta detail, hand printed 16x20in silver gelatin.

Bracken is ubiquitous in the paddocks, fields and forests of the south west. This image of bracken fern was made on a windless morning in the Cape Leeuwin region near Augusta. Not having any wind around was important in securing a focused image as the exposure of half a minute was made in relatively low light. This image was made just before the first rays of sunlight spread across the landscape. The soft light allows the gentle tracing of the ferns to be revealed. Obtaining the correct contrast in the final print requires careful balance in the highlight fern leaves, they contain texture but this can easily be lost. Too soft a contrast grade and the print can turn muddy.  About hand made silver prints.

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Flowing water Margaret River detail Western Australia

Flowing water Margaret River Western Australia

Flowing water Margaret River detail is a 16x20in hand printed silver gelatin print. The image is from an area along the banks of the Margaret River that I have visited frequently since childhood. During the drier months the dark granite boulders of the river bed protrude above the water. At this spot and an ancient marri tree leans precariously over the water. In winter its branches are submerged in raging water, causing it to vibrate. I made this image just before summer when the water was just flowing over the rocks. A huge air bell, made by the flow of water over the rock creates a dark silvery bubble.


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Seaweed Augusta Cape Leeuwin Western Australia

Seaweed Cape Leeuwin Augusta Australia

Seaweed Augusta, hand printed 11×14 inch silver gelatin

Seaweed Augusta is to the best of my knowledge a deep water species called cystophora racemosa. Cape Leeuwin is characterised by the granite boulder strewn promontory that juts out into the ocean. It is scuplted by small sandy bays and granite rocks, with Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse situated at its terminus. There is an abundance of seaweed and small shells in this area and hidden amongst the bays and the rocks are ocean treasures waiting to be discovered. I came across this delicate necklace like arrangement of seaweed floating in a shallow rock pool.  About hand made silver prints.

An 11x14inch print, framed or unframed, is available for purchase.


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Paperbark roots Walpole Nornalup Western Australia

Paperbark roots Walpole Nornalup Western Australia

Paperbark roots Walpole: located about 400km south of Perth, on the south coast, surrounded by magnificent karri and tingle forests, several rivers and two large inlets, Walpole Inlet and Nornalup Inlet. This photograph was made in the few remaining minutes of daylight, with me struggling to focus and compose an image on the ground glass screen that is not only upside down and back to front, but dark as well (the largest lens aperture was using was F6.8). Part of the process of composition in landscape photography is to find order within what we perceive to be disorder, and this tangle of paperbark roots at Walpole certainly provided an enjoyable challenge. About hand made silver prints.

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Calgardup Brook Redgate Beach tidal patterns Margaret River Region

Calgardup Brook Redgate Beach Margaret River Australia

Calgardup Brook Redgate Beach, hand printed 16x20 inch silver gelatin

Calgardup Brook Redgate Beach is close to Margaret River and is a popular location for learning to surf. It lies just south of the beach, snaking its way behind marram covered sand dunes as it makes a path towards the Indian Ocean. At the brook's mouth, tidal patterns form and sea birds search for food amongst the flotsam. The sand constantly calves into new shapes and forms under the forces of opposing water currents and occasionally a large wave will erase all surface detail. About hand made silver prints.

A 16x20inch framed or unframed matted and over mounted print is available for purchase.

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Swamp sheoaks hesperantha falcatta Canning River Perth Western Australia

Swamp sheoaks and hesperantha falcatta

Swamp sheoaks hesperantha falcatta Canning River, hand printed 16×20 inch silver gelatin- sold.

Swamp sheoaks hesperantha falcatta grow in the low lying moist areas around the Canning River, Perth. The sheoaks trunks range in colour from a dull brown to a dull grey, depending upon the season, and are marked with bright white flecks and spots. The white carpet of flowers which dominates the sheoak understorey in Spring, is hesperantha falcatta, which originates from South Africa. Sheoaks are common along the Canning River but the flowers are invaders. This image is frequently mistaken to be from the northern hemisphere. While the flowers appeal to our notion of landscape beauty, they potentially displace indigenous plants and reduce biodiversity. They are a contemporary sign of our changing environment hence the reason I left the clue in the title. This image was exhibited in my solo exhibition “Dissociation” at Heathcote Museum and Gallery. It was also discussed in my blog.  About hand made silver prints.

first published in “Lost in Suburbia” in 2013, “Dissociation” 2015 Heathcote Museum & Gallery exhibition catalogue

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Paperbarks Margaret River Wallcliffe Western Australia

Margaret River Australia

Paperbarks Margaret River, hand printed 16×20 inch silver gelatin

Paperbarks Margaret River this wonderful stand of old paperbarks are located near Wallcliffe House, on the banks of Margaret River. This image was made just weeks before the Margaret River fires razed the Prevelly Park region in November 2011, resulting in the loss of many homes and historic Wallcliffe House. The area surrounding these trees was badly burnt and denuded of all vegetation, but a few of the older veterans pictured here still remain. The photograph is high in contrast due to the dappled sunlight and deep shadow. Additional exposure was  given to open up the shadows and  development was reduced. Film was  4×5 Tmax.  About hand made silver prints.