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Loading Sheet Film Double Darks 4×5

Loading Sheet Film Double Darks 4x5

Loading Sheet Film

Loading Sheet Film Double Darks 4×5. This is a very rough and basic video of showing the steps involved in loading 4×5 sheet film into a double dark film holder. Obviously these steps need to be made in total darkness, regardless of whether you are using black and white or colour film.

Loading Sheet Film Double Darks 4×5 • Alex Bond from Alex Bond on Vimeo.

Dust on sheet film

Dust is without doubt the biggest problem when handling and loading sheet films. Cleanliness is the key, along with some measures to reduce static electricity which attracts airborne dust to the film surface.

My personal preference is to load film in a darkroom where there is plenty of space and the film surface is unlike to contact another surface (such as in a change bag). If you don’t have a darkroom, use some cardboard and black out a small room (or toilet) and use it to load film at night when everyone has gone to sleep!

Film changing bags can be useful, look for the ones that have internal frames  that support the bag lining into the shape of a half dome. This helps stop the bag material from touching the film surface by creating a film “tent”.

Cleaning film holders with an air blower

Before attempting to load film, clean your film holders inside and out. Use an air blower or similar to blow dust particles off your film holders. Stack the cleaned film holders carefully on a clean flat surface ready for loading. You may want to use an anti-static gun to reduce static  on your holders before cleaning and loading.

Handle sheet film at its edges

Always handle your film from the edges. Finger tips deposit oils which will become obvious on developed film, so unless you want them over your images it is best to avoid touching the emulsion side.

Load emulsion facing you

Load your film holders with the film emulsion facing towards you. Make sure the film notches are in the top right hand corner as you look at the film in a portrait orientation.


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Cleaning inside mac G5 tower

Cleaning inside mac G5: Spring is almost here, time to clean out all the dust and crap that get sucked into my mac G5 tower.

There is a lot of dust floating about even in a relatively clean office. It’s always a surprise when I get the air hose into my G5.

A few years ago I pulled this machine apart to replace the power unit. There was plenty of dust in the fans and around the CPUs that time too. It doesn’t take long for it all to build up again.

Computers may be operation for many hours at a time. Computer equipment such as displays, hard drives and power units can all generate heat. The thought of that dry dust sitting around electrical circuits that create heat or short out across the dust make me think about the fire risk.

Cleaning and Servicing Computers

Just like all your other photography related gear, every now and then you need to have them cleaned and serviced. The towers which take in a lot of air via the fans for ventilation are especially prone, more so than the newer solid state devices.

As always, be careful of 240 V AC mains operated devices and the potential high voltages that can be stored within some circuitry. If you have any doubt, always take you electrical equipment to a service centre.