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Bannister Creek Perth Restoration Western Australia

Bannister Creek Canning River Perth

Bannister Creek Perth

Bannister Creek Perth is close to where I live. Lately I have been spending more time photographing around the Perth region, focusing on what is happening within my own “backyard”. Bannister Creek flows through metropolitan suburbia into the Canning River. Looking at this you could be mistaken for thinking you are somewhere in the south west, but this is in the middle of suburbia, with houses either side of its banks. It is intriguing to observe that the rear of the suburban  blocks uniformly face the creek, makes you wonder what the planners were thinking in turning their backs on this rare urban feature. Bannister Creek has had significant wetland restoration work done to it recently. The health of this creek and others like it all have an impact on the health of the Canning and Swan Rivers.

A hand printed 16×20 inch fibre based print of Bannister Creek was exhibited in my 2015 exhibition “Dissociation” at Heathcote Museum & Gallery.

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  1. Great image and important and logical comments
    .Good stuff

  2. […] This image was made in a section in which some restoration work was recently undertaken. The creek runs through suburbia, at the rear of housing whose back fences close off their view and connection to the watercourse behind them. The fact that the houses face their backs to the creek is curiously dismissive of the creek’s significance in this ancient flat landscape, something I have previously commented about. […]

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